Instant ESG Workflow

Use the strategy builder, metrics picker, and data manager to simplify your impact process

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  • Impact Assessments and Improvement Plans

    Assessment of ESG practices and development of improvement plans to enhance transparency and accountability, including materiality assessments.
  • ESG Strategy Development and Implementation

    Development and implementation of a comprehensive ESG strategy that integrates sustainability considerations into business operations.
  • ESG Process Integration & Operationalization

    Integration of ESG considerations into existing business processes and operations, with a focus on driving measurable impact and enhancing long-term value creation.
  • Impact Communications Engagement & Marketing Strategy

    Development of a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy to engage stakeholders and communicate an organization's ESG performance and progress towards goals.
  • ESG Training and Education Programs

    Training and education programs to build ESG knowledge and capacity within organizations.
  • ESG Data Management and Reporting

    Streamlined ESG data management and reporting processes to facilitate accurate and transparent reporting to stakeholders.
  • Technology Assessment

    Assessment of existing technology solutions and identification of opportunities to leverage technology to streamline ESG reporting and decision-making processes.

AI Toolkit

  • Impact Thesis & Strategy Generator

    Generate a customized impact thesis and strategy based on an organization's values, goals, and ESG priorities.
  • Cross-Framework Metrics Dictionary & Picker

    Receive 5 industry-specific metrics to jumpstart diligence with metrics catered to your target company, reducing the burden of reporting and improving comparability of results
  • Project Diligence & Planning Strategy Generator

    Move quickly with a 10-step marketable process to help you Implement a customized strategy that aligns with your investment goals and priorities
  • Framework Alignment Assessment

    Access due diligence and planning strategies for ESG-related projects, helping organizations assess potential risks and develop effective plans to achieve positive impact.
  • Stakeholder & Investor Presentation Generator

    Create customized presentations for stakeholders and investors, highlighting an organization's ESG performance and progress towards goals.
  • Impact Playbook: Impact Roadmap Generator

    Generate a customized impact roadmap for your project with the Impact Playbook: Impact Roadmap Generator tool, helping you identify key areas for impact and providing a step-by-step plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Measurement & management

Single source for all impact data tracked seamlessly through the deal lifecycle.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Collect, track, & measure metrics at each stage of the target company's lifecycle, from sourcing through an exit.
  • Auto-Data Requests

    Simplify data collection with automated intake requests and intelligent notifications.
  • Metrics Assessment

    AI intake form will run an assessment on current metrics and provide updates on strategies and frameworks to re-align impact goals.

Communication & reporting

Quickly communicate your impact to stakeholders.

  • Presentation Builder

    Auto-generate presentation decks and reports for stakeholders.
  • Real-Time Dashboards

    Analytics will provide detailed information on KPIs and changes in impact.
  • Progress Tracker

    Create instant strategies and impact thesis based on your goals, resources, and focus.